The First Four Steps to becoming Better Dressed

The First Four Steps to becoming Better Dressed

#1. Awareness

You become aware that in certain situations you feel better, both physically and mentally, in some clothes compared to other options. You also become aware of and start to observe how uncomfortable some peoplelook and act when they are forced to wear clothing deemed appropriate by social norms. And you don’t want to feel like that.

#2. Fit

You start actively comparing the fit between different sizes of the same garment to see which looks visually best on you. You begin to stop defaulting to whatever size you just assumed you were, because that’s always the size you’ve worn.

#3. Purposeful, Positive Choice

You begin to buy pieces of clothing for concrete, well thought out reasons. And those reasons are positive (I like the way it looks, it feels, it fits) as opposed to negative (I have to buy this, my significant other or my job is making me wear this, I’m in a rush/I’m tired of shopping).

#4. Accepting that people will question/criticize the change in your appearance

It’s funny how people will avoid telling you that your appearance is suffering, especially when that notification would actually do you some good (booger hanging out of your nose, spinach in your teeth, fly open). Yet many can’t wait to loudly call out, question, and even criticize others who are attempting to improve their appearance. Don’t let the bastards get you down. That kind of stuff says more about those types than it ever could about you.

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